Poll: COVID-19 Fear At Record Low

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Americans’ fear of COVID-19 has dropped to a record low in the latest Gallup poll conducted in March, while satisfaction with the ongoing vaccine rollout has jumped dramatically.

Just more than one-third of American adults say they are somewhat or very worried about contracting COVID-19. That’s down from about half in February.

  • 35% in March were somewhat or very worried.
  • 49% in February were somewhat or very worried.

Older Americans are least likely to fear contracting the virus, which Gallup notes “may be tied to the increase in the percentage of Americans who are fully vaccinated.”

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  1. that’s why Fauci is desperate – going on all the talk shows nonstop to continue the fear mongering. What a fraud! Tell the sheeple to stay home for the rest of their lives. Finally, the rest of us have figured it out


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