Poll: Cuomo Has 25-Point Lead In NY Governor Race


cuomo-paladinoThe latest poll shows Democrat Andrew Cuomo with a 25-point lead over tea party Republican Carl Paladino in the race to be New York’s next governor. The Siena College poll released today shows Cuomo with a 58 percent to 33 percent lead among likely voters just days before Tuesday’s election.

The margin is similar to large leads found in other polls favoring the son of former Gov. Mario Cuomo over the millionaire Buffalo developer.

Siena’s Steven Greenberg calls Cuomo’s advantage seemingly invincible and overwhelming.

Cuomo is shown beating Paladino in every region. Among upstate likely voters, Cuomo has a 47 percent to 41 percent lead.

The poll questioned 603 likely voters Wednesday through Saturday. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 points.

{The Associated Press/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. don”t believe this stupid polls, you remember how Bloomberg won by ONLY 5 points over Tomphson? the media sell this stupid stuff so you shouldn’t get out to vote even if you’re MAD ON ALBANY!….

  2. Many of these polls are extremely innaccurate and do not truely reflect what most people are thinking. The whole logic behind their structure is anyway quite incredulous. How in the world is a sample of (what is mentioned here) 603 people supposed to be an indication of what is the opinion of the close to 20 million residents of the State of New york???

  3. #2 Thats such great news for tompson that makes him almost mayor!!! he must be thrilled. Youre right, polls are meaningless.
    #4 they take a sample that is representative of NY

  4. (Continuation of previous comment #4)

    The most striking example of this that I know about was in the 1980 Presidential Election. The candidate of the Democratic Party was the incumbent President James Earl — “Jimmy” — Carter, who was running for re-election. The candidate of the Republican Party who was challenging him was the (then) former Govenor of California, Ronald Wilson Reagan. There was also a strong third party candidate, Congressman John Bayard Anderson, who ran as an independent.

    In political philosophy, Ronald Reagan was a strong conservative, Jimmy Carter was a moderate liberal, and John Anderson was a strong liberal.

    For countless weeks, the media kept saying that the polls were showing Reagan and Carter being virtually tied; ” . . . they are ‘neck and neck’ . . . ” was the continual newsline. And with a significant third party candidate of Mr. Anderson this time in the mix, there was no telling what would actually happen in the election. Thus, starting several days before, CBS news put out an advertisement, with the voice of the then prominent news caster, Walter Cronkite, which exclaimed: ” . . . We will be covering an election that could go down to the wire!”

    Then, on election day, in the evening when the media reported the results that began to come in, state after state after state, it was a heavy landslide for Reagan!

  5. The ENTIRE frum (and Jewish for that matter) should vote for Palladino. We can no longer vote for democrats bec. we might get more money from them. We have to start thinking (aqnd acting) differently and not put our trust in government anymore but rather vote for someone that is closest to our values. (And in the end that person will be better for our “mosdos” as well)

  6. To #1 (MY CPA)

    Everyone eligible should go to vote. If we vote politicians take us seriously and will listen to the needs of our communities. In short, if we vote, we count. Otherwise, they will ignore us.


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