Poll Finds Two-Thirds Of Israeli-Jews Back US Yerushalayim Move


A new poll commissioned by i24NEWS found that more than two-thirds of Jews in Israel view the moving of the American embassy to Yerushalayim as a positive development, while a plurality of Arabs view the embassy move as a risky development.

Asked if “the moving of the American embassy to Jerusalem [is] a positive or risky development?”, 66.3% of Jews polled viewed the Yerushalayim embassy move as a positive development, as opposed to 6% of Arab respondents.

Nearly half (48%) of Arabs polled viewed the move as risky, while 16% saw it as neither a positive or risky development. Only 19% of Jews polled saw the Yerushalayim move as risky, while 5.7% saw it as neither.

Read more at i24NEWS.



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