Poll: Israelis Consider Trump Policies Pro-Israel, Obama Policies Pro-Palestinian


The poll published by the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University on Wednesday reveals that most Israelis consider the Middle East policies of US President Donald Trump to be pro-Israel, in sharp contrast to Israeli views on the policies of former US President Barack Obama.

According the monthly Peace Index poll, approximately 70 percent of Israelis view the current US position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as pro-Israel, with only 4 percent identifying the policies of the current administration as pro-Palestinian.

When the same poll was taken back in May 2011, only 14 percent of respondents identified the Obama administration’s Middle East policy as pro-Israel, with 31 percent labeling Obama’s policies as pro-Palestinian.




  1. Fire is hot.
    Water is wet.
    The sky is blue.
    And President Trump’s pro-Israel stance as well as former president Obama’s pro-Palestinian one are almost equally obvious.


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