Poll: Israelis Split on Whether Yishai Should Resign


eli-yishaiAccording to a poll whose results were published Monday, 47 percent of Israelis believe that Interior Minister Eli Yishai should resign over the Carmel wildfire.

The poll, which was conducted by the Panels Institute for Israel’s Knesset TV channel, found that 43 percent of respondents do not believe that Yishai needs to resign.

The poll was conducted in wake of last Wednesday’s incident, in which Yishai had to be escorted out of an official memorial ceremony at Beit Oren for the 44 people who died in the Carmel fire disaster. Yishai left after several family members of the fire’s victims loudly interrupted Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu when he got up to speak.

The shouting was led by Danny Rosen, the life partner of Brigadier-General Ahuva Tomer, the female commander of Haifa Police who died in the blaze. Rosen stood up and singled out Yishai in the loud verbal attack, saying that Yishai had no right to be present at the ceremony and demanded that he leave. He then threatened that he and other relatives would leave the ceremony if Yishai did not.

Yishai said in an interview on Israel’s Channel 2 News on Monday that he came to the ceremony since he believed that, being a government member as well as being the minister in charge of Israel’s firefighting services, it was his duty to take part in the memorial.

Yishai added that shortly after the shouting began, he understood that this was a planned attack and decided to leave. “I decided immediately that I had to leave and told Rabbi Amar, who was sitting next to me, that I did not want to ruin the ceremony. Rabbi Amar asked me if I want him to go out with me and I told him to do what he sees fit. The rest is already known.”

The Panels Institute poll also asked Israelis whether they believe Yishai’s claims that he is being attacked only because he is a religious Jew and of Mizrachi origin. The poll found that 70 percent of respondents believe that Yishai’s claims are unfounded. Only 25 percent believed that there is truth to Yishai’s claims.

Read more at Arutz Shevah.

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  1. Another discrimination policy against Sefardim who are religious just like Aryeh Deri. Why can’t the secular society accept it when they succeed. There should be equal opportunity rights for them in all government positions provided that they are qualified based on the demographics of the population. They also should have access to better schools and education.

  2. As usual the secular israeli media and politicians are looking for a scapegoat and who could be better than a succesful, religious, sefardi who is getting under their skin by actually doing his job. Actually under him the fire services in Israel received more funding than from previous ministers before him.


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