Poll: Israelis Would Vote for Clinton Over Trump Despite Seeing the Mogul as Better For Israel

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By BB Portnoy

If the upcoming US presidential election were to be decided by Israeli voters, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton would defeat her Republican challenger Donald Trump, according to a poll published by Israel’s Channel 2 on Wednesday.

When asked who they would vote for, 42% of respondents chose Clinton, while 35% picked Trump. And on the question of who was most fit to serve as president, Clinton beat Trump 47%-31%.

But that does not mean Israelis are in love with the former first lady. Many are concerned about her potential policies regarding the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. 57% of respondents said Clinton would apply more pressure than Trump on Israel to reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians, while only 13% believed the opposite.

Also, Trump narrowly edged out Clinton 37%-36% on the question of which candidate would be better for Israel as president.

Over the past seven and a half years, the often frosty personal ties between President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu have cast a shadow over the broader US-Israel relationship. When it comes to the next occupant of the White House, Israelis — by a 43%-34% margin — think Trump would have a closer relationship with Netanyahu than Clinton would.

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