Poll: Majority Of Republicans Say 2020 Election Was Invalid

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More than two-thirds of Republicans say the 2020 presidential election was invalid, according to a new survey.

The poll from the R Street Institute, a free markets group, found that 67 percent of Republicans view the past election as invalid, compared to 23 percent who believe it was valid.

About half of all Republicans said they believe their votes were counted, while 42 percent said the system is corrupt and that their vote “probably doesn’t get counted anyway.”

President Trump’s rhetoric seems to have had a profound impact on his base’s outlook on the election,” said a memo from the Tyson Group, which conducted the survey. “Across all regions, our participants by and large opposed alternative voting methods, believed that those methods opened the election process to fraud, and felt that the 2020 election result was invalid.”

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Didn’t CNN, Twitter, you Tube and the other media outlets do a just and fair investigation into these claims? They say it’s baseless claims, false allegations, Trumpis feeding them lies. If they say so then it must be so.

    • Their “just and fair investigation” is only according to mainstream media for the gullible who still believe their lies. Trump won in a humongous landslide – more than in his first term – probably in all states, which will soon be publicized.


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