Poll: More Americans Eager To Get COVID-19 Vaccine

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Now that the process is underway to vaccinate people against COVID-19, more Americans say they are eager to get a shot, according to a new Axios-Ipsos Coronavirus Index survey.

The poll this week shows that 60% of Americans are now saying they are likely to get the shot as soon as they are able to, up 8% since mid-December, indicating that some of the vaccine hesitancy was because people were wanting to wait and see about the vaccine and not digging in to oppose it, reports Axios.

  • The numbers also represented a 20-point jump in Hispanic respondents, who said they are willing to get their vaccines immediately.
  • Seniors also said they are open to getting a vaccine.

Last year, before vaccines were available, the Axios-Ipsos survey showed that people cared more about the vaccines being safe than about getting a shot immediately, but now that no serious safety issues are showing up, people are feeling safer about getting a shot.

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  1. Quote: ” . . . now that no serious safety issues are showing up . . . . ”


    For just one quite dramatic example of an issue that DID show up, please see the very short video titled: “NURSE FAINTS AFTER TAKING COVID VACCINE (LIVE ON AIR)” the Brighteon (com) website. The just-over-one-minute recording shows a hospital nurse getting her Covid shot and then relating to the reporter how she and her whole staff were “excited” to receive the inoculation. But then, her talking suddenly drops real low, as she puts her hand to her forehead as, evidently, she is feeling some severe dizziness or head pain, and — right in front of the live news camera — she collapses down onto the floor! Reports are that she died the next day.

    Please further see (also at the Brighteon website) the video titled: “Numerous Deaths After COVID Vaccine, DARPA Genetic Extinction Tech, The Coup Psyop & The War On YOU,” starting at 53 minutes, wherein is related, among other death reports, the incident of a doctor in Florida who, a few days after getting his Covid shot, suddenly developed a strange Blood & Auto-Immune-Disorder, and shortly after that, died from a stroke. His wife emphatically exclaims that, before the shot, he had been a fully vibrant, active person in excellent, perfect health. So, the ONLY explanation for his sudden “unexplained” illness & death IS the vaccine.

    Further related there is, as of January 8 — which was right after the introduction of the new vaccines — the data of just WHAT WAS REPORTED to the CDC of problems from Covid inoculations: 11 people died, 38 people who did not actually die but had life threatening reactions, 5 people crippled for life, and over 1,000 people being rushed to the ER, 99 of whom had to be hospital admitted.


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