Poll: Pandemic Eroded Charedi Trust In Israeli Government

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Over a half of Israel’s charedi sector said they have little confidence in the state’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a poll published on Sunday.

Israel’s health officials have often singled out the charedim — along with Israeli Arabs — for allegedly lax adherence to social distancing and other health guidelines. The rate of morbidity in the community is higher than the national average, and many charedi communities featured as “red” under the color-coded “Traffic Light” system by Israel’s coronavirus czar Prof Ronni Gamzu.

Some 53 percent of respondents to the Israel Democracy Institute’s survey, conducted among charedi Israelis, said that their trust in the Israeli government and in the Health Ministry was compromised during the pandemic; while 38 percent said they still trusted Israel’s governing institutions.

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  1. According to another poll, over a half of Israel’s charedi sector, including many gedolei yisroel and doctors, do not believe in this hocus pocus virus altogether and adamantly refuse to believe that anyone died from this virus. There might have been some radiation-corona symptoms of loss of smell and taste, but other sicknesses are either the flu, bronchitis and pneumonia.


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