Poll: Support for Gun Control Drops Amid Coronavirus, Riots

Federal investigators say Christopher Hasson had a cache of guns stockpiled to launch a terrorist attack. MUST CREDIT: U.S. Attorney's Office in Maryland handout photo

Support for stricter regulations on firearms has dropped by 12 percent in the past year, according to a Rasmussen poll, with just over half now saying the country needs more stringent laws.

The finding comes following reports that firearms sales have surged since March following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus and widespread protests, riots and looting in the wake of a death of man in police custody in Minneapolis in May.

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  1. Wow- what a vicious lie. More people have bought firearms in the last few months than ever in order to better protect themselves.. This is a poll in support of Democrats pushing to ban guns.


      Rasmussen is a Republican polling firm. Its polls are famously biased in favor of Republicans and their ideas.

  2. This “poll” just goes to show that pollsters can get a poll to say whatever they want depending on how the questions are worded. The FBI has reported record numbers of background checks for gun purchases the last several months. Certain types of ammunition are not available due to high demand. So I ask the following question: How is this “poll” anywhere near accurate?


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