Poll: Trump Crushing Rubio in Florida

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Marco Rubio is getting trounced by Donald Trump in his own home state, according to a new Florida poll released Thursday from Quinnipiac University.

The results show frontrunner Trump holding a 44-28 percent lead over second-place Rubio, the junior senator from the Sunshine State.

“It’s hard to see how Sen. Rubio can win his party’s nomination without winning his home state,” said Quinnipiac poll director Peter A. Brown, underscoring the problem the numbers pose to Rubio’s chances as the anti-Trump candidate.

Florida’s primary is set for March 15. Read more at Politico.

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  1. I love how so many call Trump names like 2nd graders but have nothing to back it up. morons, egomaniac, etc. They don’t know how to answer any of the core Trump issues. Illegal immigrants who politicians promised forever to secure the border. The black communities have totally unraveled with no jobs, no education (that’s after the billions of $$$ poured into education), single moms… 19 Trillion in debt. Social services out of control where “non working” people live better than middle class working people on Sec 8, food stamps, Medicare,- Obama care…the list goes on and on about the inept government system. So you want to elect same old same old then go ahead…. Obama isn’t an egotistic person? He was president for the last 7 years.

    Come on stick to the issues.. We have serious problems in the country and TRUMP is the last hope. TRUMP says it the way it is. Yes he has shortcomings but so do the others they are just not being honest with you (I would go with Cruz but I don’t think he can be elected.)


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