Poll: Trump Now Just 3 Points Behind Hillary Nationally

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Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump now finds himself just 3 percentage points behind Hillary Clinton, according to a new national poll released Tuesday. The NBC News/SurveyMonkey Poll of more than 14,000 adults gave Clinton 48 percent to Trump’s 45 percent. Among minorities, though, Clinton has a whopping 75 percentage-point lead over Trump.

The billionaire businessman, however, tops the former secretary of State among men and whites. While Clinton still edges her Democratic rival Bernie Sanders nationally—54 percent to Sanders’s 40 percent—the Vermont senator defeats Trump by a greater margin in a hypothetical matchup, 53 percent to 41 percent. Read more at Politico.

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  1. this is gonna be the DIRTIEST campaign in American history – both sides will be slinging mud against each other. sounds like fun but it is a tragedy that one of them will be the leader of the free world and put America to SHAME

  2. Note this yidden-

    Donald Trump’s wife today was noted to promote antisemitism hate retaliation feasibility by announcing that the woman who wrote an article about her that was not favorable was a jewish woman who “got what she deserved” when the anti-semitic Trump supporters called her and supported her demise in death chambers and played Hitler speeches for her.

    This is antisemitism and it should be noted. This is not a family you want in office even if the loving daughter of the Trump mind is a yid that he might love. The wife did not love Israel or support rights to exist.

    This is very explicit.

    Let there be more insight into the hate of the Trump Family if we want to know why we do not support Trump as Jewish souls. Its obvious.

    Never Again.


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