Poll: US Orthodox Jews Overwhelmingly Support Trump

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An overwhelming majority of the US Orthodox Jews are supporting the re-election of US President Donald Trump, a poll revealed Wednesday.

According to a survey by Ami Magazine, a whopping 83 percent of the respondents said they were going to vote for Trump in the November 3 vote.

Trump’s rival, Democratic nominee Joe Biden, only got 13 percent of the Orthodox vote, with four percent still undecided.

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  1. The number has to be higher than 83%. How could a frum person not vote for all that he had done for us. We never had a president that supports us like President Trump does and probably never will again. What are those 17% thinking?

    • You do not believe that the good comes from Hashem and that even Stalin would be supportive if so it was decreed? You do not wish for Moshiach to come in the next four years, and hopefully much earlier?

    • Any G-d-fearing person – Jew or non-Jew – will vote for Trump, a very G-d-fearing person who will do everything to please the G-d of the world. Prove me wrong!

  2. I think the Jewish vote is quick but a paltry hold on. Hashem has gentiles who keep the vote biased. A jew is a priest. He should best support candidates by giving to campaigns.

    One knows our past has adopted mostly the right in America. Our families have been permitted kosher.

    With some winds, today is unopportune to often support DNC aims. Too much loose is let in. But the thrill of society is gold and fit being. I think Donald T. gets re-elected but his variance from Lincoln standard GOP paces frightens the goat rabid unhealthy. There is science to learn and even our gifted Mr. Kushner is like war in a strap of his brush ins. He is never more than an apt guy first in America to laugh in this gentile sees gentile world that great healthy men like Donald fear well and biased the never seen before sabbath jew. Yet we had Lieberman. We should ever look to a future where the fear among gentiles is to good Israel has in its kosher. Nerves wink because the jew is gifted but money plays out best when Israel is kosher seen.

    Jared should be the best look at kosher and he is shaven and wears no head covering. I looked to understand reasonable men and despise the years of tyranny. Many in worst times shaved and there is no religion when men forget to cover a head. Military USA gets it. We cover heads outdoors. Kippah are permitted.

    Yesterday is quick and tomorrow more gain by the media. Where should public opinion be on natural family need? I am not dynamic bickering. I am sick.

  3. Fyi I guess your not Jewish we might not be pro all his decisions but we are definitely more pro him than Biden (unless your Charles B Hall who is an idiot)

    • I’m disturbed at the calling of another frum Jew an “Idiot” because of political differences. Especially in this case where a real name (not an online pseudonym) is used. Especially since we’re still in Tishrei, having just klapped Al Chait for so many bain adam lechavairoi avairos.
      I say this as an iy”H Trump voter who vehemently disagrees with most said poster’s positions.


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