Poll: Young West Bank Palestinians Say Knife Attacks on Israelis Serve the Palestinian Cause

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The Jerusalem Media and Communications Center interviewed 1,000 Palestinians aged 15-29 in the West Bank and Gaza on April 13-19.

The poll, published this week, showed that 41% of Palestinian youths in the West Bank believe the recent wave of terrorist attacks on Israelis “serves the Palestinian cause,” while 23% say it harms the cause. 52% in the West Bank support the continuation of the current unrest, while 44% are opposed.

When asked, “Do you think young Palestinian activists should work together with like-minded Israelis to end the conflict?” 58% in the West Bank and 75% in Gaza said “No.” At the same time, 73% in the West Bank said they were optimistic regarding the Palestinian future, while 26% were pessimistic.

David Steger – Matzav.com Israel


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