Pollard Does Not Deliver Much Anticipated Speech Because of Parole Conditions

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New York, NY – Jonathan Pollard was not able to speak to the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations to deliver his first speech in 30 years. He was unable to present his address at this historic event because of his Draconian parole conditions.

Following a leak to the Forward prior to this private, off the record meeting, Jonathan’s attorneys cautioned him that he is not a free person at this time and that anything he may say at the event will be leaked and could be used against him, no matter how inaccurate it is, or how distorted.

Jonathan was introduced as the keynote speaker this morning but made only brief remarks of thanks and introduction, explaining that the leak to the Forward had forced him to stand down. He then handed his notes to his wife Esther and stood at her side as she delivered what would have been his points. A new confidential document (a letter which was hand-delivered to President Obama by Israeli President Ruby Rivlin) was revealed during her speech and used to flesh out the current situation in which Pollard is not only prevented from working and from exercising his religious rights, but also effectively prevents him from ever reintegrating into society.

Participants of the Conference were deeply dismayed to learn that even if all of the severe Parole restrictions were removed Pollard still has 15 years (the balance of a 45 year life sentence) hanging over his head, and he will always be at risk of being thrown back into prison, for any reason, including political ones regarding Israel. In Esther Pollard’s presentation, Jonathan Pollard’s parole conditions and the unjust restrictions were fully explained and a lot of myths were exploded including the media buzz claiming that Jonathan has a new Shabbos observant GPS device. This is simply not true.

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  1. Meanwhile, Hillary gets not even a slap on the wrist. After all, she only “accidentally” leaked anything to anybody willing to pay her and Bill’s “speach” fees. Same Bill, by the way, who refused to pardon Pollard.


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