Pollards Urge Organizers To Drop Counterproductive White House Petitions

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pollard“The White House petition for Jonathan Pollard is counterproductive,” Justice4JPnews tells Matzav.com. “It is not a means to seek justice for Jonathan Pollard. It acts like a lightning rod to diffuse concern and disperse it, without achieving any tangible or effective goal. It trivializes the issue and deflects public attention from the real efforts to secure Pollard’s release without further delay.

Justice4JPnews states:

“Jonathan Pollard and his close associates call upon the initiators of the latest petition to please take it down and abandon this counterproductive activity.

“If this kind of petition were capable of assisting in the struggle for justice for Jonathan Pollard, the Pollards themselves would have initiated and publicized a petition.

“Several online petitions for Pollard on the White House website have already been abandoned at their request. The coverage of the latest petition inaugurated by an Israeli author is creating waves in the media and thereby distracting attention, energy and effort away from the real issues at this time. It does not have the support of the Pollards, who call for it to be dropped without delay.

“The public is urged to phone, fax and email American Jewish leaders to press for a date for their meeting with Vice President Biden to promote Pollard’s release. It is critical that this promised meeting, which was recently announced in the media by Mr. Malcolm Hoenlein, take place before the General Assembly of Jewish Federations on November 6th which will be attended by President Obama. The public is invited to consult with J4JP before launching any high profile public activities on this sensitive case.”

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. nyi saying a one million man protest would earn us our appeal, it would only harm us jews, the minority, in the long run to set such a precedence. every other group is so much bigger, they could organize a bigger, stronger protest. but the government isn’t a game so it wouldn’t work

  2. Funny how I yelled and screamed about this in regard to the Rubashkin petition. You have no idea how this works so against the cause. But what happened? Matzav censored my “insane” comments. How stupid can you be?


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