Polls Closed, Lakewood Awaits Results in Contentious Primary Race as Singer Holds Slight Lead


singer-herskowitz[Live updates below.] 8:05 p.m. EST: With polling places closed, Lakewood, NJ residents await the final poll results from today’s GOP primary election to decide whether a mainstay ofLakewood politics will continue his tenure or will have to focus on his position as state senator.

Hershel (Harold) Herskowitz challenged Lakewood’s 29-year incumbent Township Committeeman, 62-year-old State Senator Robert (Bob) Singer. 44-year-old Herskowitz, the owner of Toys for Thought, a Lakewood toy store, has been a Lakewood resident for over 20 years.

Senator Bob Singer, a veteran legislator and himself a Lakewood resident for over 30 years,  received the endorsement of Lakewood’s Vaad and Rabbi Yisroel Schenkolewski.

Herskkowitz is currently sitting shivah following the passing of his mother yesterday.

The victor of today’s primary will face off against Democrat Marta Harrison, a former Lakewood mayor who is unopposed in the primary.

8:29 p.m.: Early results show a slight edge to Senator Singer. With 2 polling places in, it is Singer with 392 votes (56.32%) and Herskowitz with 296 votes (42.53%). The remaining 26 polling places have still yet to be tallied.

8:35 p.m.: 6 polling stations counted: Singer – 686 votes (59.55%), Herskowitz – 456 votes (39.58%)

8:51 p.m.: 16 out of 38 polling stations counted: Singer – 1,407 votes (58.10%), Herskowitz 972 voted (40.62%)

9:04 p.m.: With 23 out of 38 stations counted (60.53%), Singer has 1,936 votes (56.21%) and Herskowitz has 1,489 votes (43.23%). 

9:10 p.m.: 27 of 38 stations counted (71.05%): Singer – 2,220 votes (57.45%), Herskowitz – 1,624 votes (42.03%).

9:14 p.m. 31 of 38 stations counted (81.58%): Singer – 2,636 (55.45%), Herskowitz – 2,096 (44.09%).

9:20 p.m.: 34 of 38 stations counted (89.47%): Singer – 2,936 votes (54.01%), Herskowitz – 2,475 (45.53%).

9:29 p.m.: 36 of 38 stations counted (94.74%): Singer – 3,166 votes (54.31%), Herskowitz – 2,637 (45.23%).

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  1. He should run on the independent ticket again. Dont give up. over there it will be 3 canddidates he might win th eelection

  2. I heard he cant run as independent after he has already run in the primary as a republican. can anyone confirm this??

  3. less then 6000 people voted? does that make sense in Lakewood? I do not know the Lakewood numbers but is this considered a good or bad turnout?


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