Polls: Majority in US Against Ground Zero Mosque


mosque-ground-zeroAccording to a new Time magazine poll published today, 61 percent of Americans are opposed to the construction of an Islamic community center and mosque near Ground Zero in lower Manhattan. Only 26% of respondents came out in support of the building project, with more than 70% agreeing that proceeding with the plan would be an insult to the memories of 9/11 victims and their families.Obama came out in support of the developer’s constitutional right to build a mosque on the site.

It appears that the local residents of the proposed mosque near Ground Zero aren’t happy with the decision to build there as well.

A Sienna College poll cited by the Associated Press on today found that 63% of registered New York voters were opposed to the Cordoba House project, with only 27% supporting it.

Sixty-four percent of New York registered voters agreed that the site developers have a constitutional right to build a mosque on the site, with half of those, nevertheless, still opposed to the building project.

Twenty-eight percent of those surveyed rejected altogether the notion that the developers have a constitutionally protected right to build an Islamic community center near on the proposed site.

The poll’s results are consistent with a CNN/Opinion Research poll last week that found that 70% Americans were opposed to the planned project, while 29% support it.

{AP/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. how could matsav be so disingenuous as to downplay the news in the poll that while an overwhelming majority believe the developers have a constitutional right to build the mosque, more than 30% do not in the other poll, and in this one 28% do not believe they have a right to develop the mosque. That is the news – but matsav decided to create a headline and a story that buried that.
    Matsav should have played up the fact that 30% of new yorkers think they dont have a constitutional right. This reminds me that Americans in the 40 + percentile were polled at least twice after Bush invaded iraq was that the U.S. found WMD in Iraq. that’s over 40% cvonsistently polled that America found WMD. That goes in line with the consistent polls that 40% or so of americans think Obama wasnt born in the United States. That’s the real story of the decade…that so many Americans are beyond Tsufloygen.

  2. Well well. According to Mike Bloomberg you are are all racists & bigots! How dare you oppose the mosque!


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