Pomegranate Brings World-Famous Flavor to Catskills


pomegranateDue to popular demand, Brooklyn’s famous Pomegranate supermarket has brought its acclaimed line of Shabbos delicacies and dips to the Catskills this summer. “Take a vacation from the city, not fromdelicious homemade food – that’s our motto,” says Matis Swerdloff, Pomegranate’s director of marketing. “To better serve shoppers, we have opened up takeout departments at Landau’s Supermarket in South Fallsburg, Crunchies in Woodridge, and Dougie’s in Woodbourne.

Pomegranate’s fully-stocked showcases now allow summer vacationers to enjoy the delicious homemade foods they’ve become so accustomed to each week…all summer long. And Pomegranate fans throughout the Catskills are excited over the good news.

“I simply head over to Pomegranate’s nearby showcase for the delicacies that my family loves over week after week,” says Monticello vacationer Esther Katz. “When it comes to making Shabbos extra special, nobody beats Pomegranate!”

“With Pomegranate, I know that everything is completely natural and free of preservatives,” says Sharon Friedman, as she piles her basket with a variety of containers emblazoned with Pomegranate’s striking labels.

Pomegranate offers a variety of cooked fish, homemade chicken soup, kishka, liver and petcha, all available at the centrally-located showcases.

Do you live out-of-town and will be spending the summer in the Catskills? “You’ve most certainly heard about Pomegranate’s award-winning and dazzling delicacies from your friends in Brooklyn,” states Jason Beck, Pomegranate’s executive chef. “Here’s that chance to finally experience the uniqueness of Pomegranate for yourself,” he advises. “Check out the takeout departments in South Fallsburg, Woodbourne or Woodridge and you’ll instantly see – and taste – why New Yorkers absolutely love Pomegranate.”

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Take a vacation from the city, not fromdelicious homemade food – that’s our motto

    Didn’t it used to be not from TORAH!!

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