Pompeo Calls On Ramallah To Maintain Security Cooperation

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US State Secretary Mike Pompeo said Wednesday he was not sure what to make of the Palestinian Authority leader’s announcement that Ramallah was absolving itself of all accords with Israel and the US, but he found it regrettable.

“We hope that the security arrangements will continue to be in place, that the work that’s done on the ground there to keep people in Israel and Palestinians safe will continue,” Pompeo told reporters. “I regret that he’s decided to abrogate these agreements.”

Pompeo’s statement came in response to PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ remarks Tuesday, who announced that Ramallah no longer considered itself bound by treaties with the US and Israel.

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  1. Abbas has not honored any agreements in the past either, so his abrogation isn’t more than a dog barking. There have been periods of time in which there was relative calm. The only situations in which there is less terror is when Israel hammers them hard. These animals do not understand another language. Not even their own commitments. I say, just ignore the barking. And when Israel needs to take actions of strength, they should, without regard to the lives and welfare of the Palis that don’t matter that much to him either. And never agree to support these animals for even a dime. It all goes to fund terror.


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