Pope Calls for Holy Land Harmony

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HAR HABAYIS YERUSHALAYIMIn his holiday address Friday, Pope Francis called for direct dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians and a solution that will let them live side by side, in a speech that broadly addressed the theme of peace around the world. “Where G-d is born, peace is born,” he said. “And where peace is born, there is no longer room for hatred and for war…. Yet…tensions and violence persist, and peace remains a gift to be implored and built.”

The pontiff also specifically named several other locations, including Syria, Ukraine, and Colombia. Read more at CNN.



  1. Right, that’s why so many people lived in peace under christian regimes…Or maybe we just have to wait for the pope’s god to be born – isn’t that negating what a god should be – superhuman?

  2. I am totally in favour of living side by side, thus I wonder how many mosques and synagogues does the Vatican have? How many Protestant churches or Russian/Greek/Serbian Orthodox xian? What about Hindus, Buddhists, Shinto, Sikh, and sure enough, J Witnesses, Scientologists, Baha’i and so on and so forth? One last question, is any of them allowed to proselitize in Vatican City? Wait Mr Bergoglio, please, are there even any citizens of the “Holy See” who believe / practice a different religion? (Hint to other readers: look up citizenship and Vatican.)

  3. #1’s spelling can use improvement, but his comment is 100% spot-on. Here’s a quick question for the Pope and all others calling for peace, respect, dialog and the like “from both sides”: Which side is and always has been ready, willing and able to do all of the above at the drop of a hat? (Hint – it ain’t the Palestinians)


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