Pope Calls Global Warming a ‘Sin,’ Urges Car Pools

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Pope Francis believes the environment is so important that during a message today, he proposed caring for the environment be added to the traditional seven works of mercy that Christians are called to perform.

In his message, Francis said his followers should ask forgiveness for the “sins” against the environment that have been committed by the “irresponsible, selfish” and profit-motivated economic and political system.

According to the AP, he called for all of humanity to take concrete steps to change course, starting with repaying what he called the “ecological debt” that wealthy countries owe the poor.

“Repaying (the debt) would require treating the environments of poorer nations with care and providing the financial resources and technical assistance needed to help them deal with climate change and promote sustainable development,” he wrote, according to the AP.


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  1. Why is this article of interest to Jews?

    This komer doesn’t even postulate that maybe – just maybe – global warming is caused by Hashem.

    The goyishe kop sees the symptom as the problem.

  2. Obama told us it’s the pressure in our tires. Kerry told us it’s our air conditioners. Now this guy tells us something else.

  3. As a gesture to curbing carbon emissions, and to atone for his share in global warming, I urge the pope to give up his “pope-mobile”, and use public transportation instead!


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