Pope: Death Penalty Is Now Against Church Teaching

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Pope Francis has changed the Catholic Church’s teaching on the death penalty, saying it should never be allowed because it “attacks” human dignity.

The church has consistently taught that the state has the authority to use the death penalty in rare circumstances and only when the guilty party’s identity has been fully determined. But the Vatican said Thursday it had changed its universal catechism to reflect Francis’ total opposition to the death penalty. The pontiff has spoken previously about his stance, saying in October 2017 that the death penalty is “contrary to the gospel.” Read more.



  1. Look who’s preaching about “attacking human dignity” when on July 12, 2018 this guy and another 11 “prominent officials” where charged with mass murder of children.

  2. Really?! What about all the innocent Jews they burned to death at the stake?! Why doesn’t this hypocrite apologize for that? Why won’t this phony return all the utensils that he stole from the holy temple? What about all the Jewish Torah books that he banned and stole?

    • I’m pretty sure the Vatican has issued numerous apologies for those crimes. They’ve done interfaith with Jewish rabbis. Not that it was Francis who did those things, it was his predecessors. Lol. I’m not aware of any Holy Temple utensils in the Vatican’s possession (and I’d think I would be). And the Vatican didn’t smuggle any Talmuds IIRC, but burned them.

      Apparently Talmudic Jews DO believe in a personal devil, but he’s a human being named Pope Francis (kidding)

      Maybe this brings us back to the heart of the matter: no nation is ‘just victims’. Hate begets more hate. All the reckless name calling and grudge bearing is just as bad if the target is a goy. This I believe.

      • Andrew, I don’t even know where to begin.

        1. No Pope has EVER apologized for the nearly two millenia of heinous crimes committed against the Jewish people either directly by or with the “blessing” of that vile institution called the Catholic Church. The closest anyone ever came was John Paul II when he expressed his “regret” regarding what “some christians” did in their “zeal to spread the gospel.” No acknowledgment that these crimes against my people were done at the behest of church officials (even popes) — up to and including during the Holocaust, that they were done based on hateful church teachings or even that they were committed by Catholics! Hardly what I would call an apology.

        2. Francis may not have done these things himself but the institution he heads DID. That makes him, by extension, now responsible. At the very least to make amends. No one is saying he should be put to death for it but it would at least show that he has a shred of human decency if he actually issued a true apology and returned to us all the sacred texts and objects that the church has stolen from us.

        3. It is fairly well documented that the Vatican Archives and Library both contain in them many utensils used in our holy temple as well as a VAST collection of sacred writings stolen by the church from our forefathers over the centuries, including original one-of-a-kind manuscripts dating back 700 or more (for example, the only known manuscript of Maimonides’ Mishneh Torah) that we need to beg permission to be able to see and study.

        3a. Really? They just burned our Talmuds but didn’t steal them? OK. Gee wiz. I’m sorry. Sure, come on over to my house and burn all my sacred books. That’s ok. Just don’t steal them, all right? You say that as if you honestly think that that is somehow better. You really are a sick individual…

        4. As further revealed by your use of the epithet “Talmudic Jews.” I would try to explain the idiocy and effrontery of your use of that label to you but I somehow doubt that it would penetrate your bigotted, anti-semitic, nazi-addled brain. Suffice it to say that there is no doubt where you’re coming from after slinging around a phrase like that, rife as it is with bigotry and hatred.

        5. Kindly do NOT project your personal christian beliefs about “the devil” onto us and before you preach to us about hate begetting hate may I share a sentence with you from YOUR bible? Physician, heal thyself. It’s easy for you to tell US not to bear a grudge after WE have been the victims of your church for nearly two thousand years. As it says of you and your ilk in the book of Ovadiah: There is no introspection in him.

        Now kindly leave us alone and just go do what you Catholics do best: molesting choir boys.

  3. I guess that Poop Francis missed reading the Hebrew Bible, where the death penalty is spelled out for quite a number of infractions.

  4. Who cares what the “Avi Avos Hatumah” decides he’s worse than the fiflth of the earth scumbag SHAME ON YOU MATZAV YOU ARE TURNING INTO A TRASH WEBSITE ANYTHING BUT FRUM NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DARE YOU TO PUBLISH THIS>


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