Pork Sold in Teveriah

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Teveriah councilman Meir Ochana, a descendant of Rav Chaim Abulafia who reestablished the city 270 ago, is trying to stop the Marsel Brothers meat and fish business from advertising and selling pork in defiance of a municipal bylaw. He also wants to change the law, which presently only fines offenders six hundred shekels.

“It is ridiculous that pork is being sold in Teveriah, one of the holy cities,” Ochana said.

Marsel Brothers brazenly denied that such a bylaw exists.

“There is a High Court decision that treife meat may be sold, but there is no law illegalizing the advertisement of such sales,” the company said.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. is there any reason you are showing these pictures? if the torah says that pork is “impure” then there is definitely no reason that our holy eyes have to see it. please repeal and replace immediately.



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