Porsche Car-Maker Acquires Stake in Israeli AI Company


German sports-car-maker Porsche has acquired a minority stake in Tel Aviv-based Anagog, an artificial-intelligence software developer, according to an announcement by the luxury car company.

Anagog’s new artificial-intelligence-based software is currently used in about 100 different apps. It analyzes sensor signals in smartphones to monitor and identify customer behavior, mobility and location while still enabling users to retain full control over their data.

The offerings could enable Porsche to offer intelligent parking options, according to Porsche Digital.

Founded in 2010, Anagog has raised $11 million and employees 30 people.

“We are delighted that our investment in Anagog allows us to continue developing our expertise and opportunities regarding artificial intelligence in the field of mobility,” said managing director of Porsche’s digital branch, Thilo Koslowski. “The Israeli startup scene in the technology sector is founded on an enormous amount of knowledge and potential. We are keen to work with new companies to continue developing new digital offerings and launch these solutions in the market quickly, so that customers can start benefiting from them.”




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