Porush: ‘A Law Won’t Make Chareidi Men Join the Army’

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meir-porushThe government’s attempts to create a law requiring chareidi-religious men to serve in the army will ultimately be fruitless, MK Meir Porush of Yahadut Hatorah (UTJ) warned today.

In a meeting with senior Defense Minister officials, Porush warned that even if the government succeeds in passing a law, it will not be able to enforce it. “If someone thinks that through a law, they can force Torah students to go to the army – they are mistaken,” Porush declared, as reported by Arutz Sheva.

“The chareidi public believes with all its heart in the Holy One, Blessed is He, it believes that the Torah is the ‘elixir of life.’ This is a group that is tied to G-d’s Torah with all its heart and all its soul, these are people who are willing to give their lives for the sake of keeping the Torah,” he said. That same dedication led even the most staunchly secular Israeli leaders to agree to let Torah students defer service, he added.

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  1. Bottom line here is the secular and to some extent the dati leumi community look at torah study as a subject. How many times do you have to review the same books? They look at yeshiva students the same as someone studying to be a doctor or lawyer you read the books to be able to get the degree and then you move on. They have no concept of the spiritual aspect of torah study . Until that happens this war will continue.

  2. Chochom,
    I beg to differ. You make it seem like a passive opposition. Rabbi Porush believes it’s not that they view it as a generic subject. They actually want to go to war against Torah which is why theypass these laws. They are dedicated to fight us and weaken our commitment to Torah and mitzvohs. And this is just the beginning; they won’t be satisfied with just this either. We can’t let them get away with it.
    If you don’t believe it, read your Jewish history books. It’s happened in the past just as the maskilim tried the same. That is why he is so staunch against it!

  3. This battlegear got to go, this is not the Israel of the 1940s, this is an entirely different economical, physical and equitable issue.

  4. we are at war with the government to stay out of the military> this is a fight against our men to keep them from studying Torah. H-shem will never stand for this.


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