Positive Tests in No-Lockdown Sweden at Lowest Rate of Pandemic

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Sweden carried out a record number of new coronavirus tests last week with only 1.2% coming back positive, the health agency said on Tuesday, the lowest rate since the pandemic began at a time when countries across Europe are seeing surges in infections.

Sweden avoided a lockdown and instead emphasized personal responsibility, social distancing and good hygiene in a bid to slow rather than eradicate a disease deemed here to stay.

The strategy drew fierce criticism home and abroad as deaths shot up during the spring but has also been lauded by WHO officials as a sustainable model.

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  1. When are you people going to learn that positive tests results are not a problem because 80% of these people are asymptomatic and nearly all the rest have mild symptoms. The tests only look for genetic material and not infection. In America and Israel in particular the test is set at too a high a level of magnification (34 and 37 cycles respectively), whereas Germany sets it at 30. In fact, positive results are a good thing because these people are developing immunity. Because of the test we are characterizing a normal bodily response as a crisis. The body is always fighting disease. In Israel only 185 people under 70 have died and even then it’s not clear if they died from Covid19 or with it because even deaths that are clearly not caused by COVID19 are being labeled as if they were. In America only 6% of the so-called Corona deaths were situations where COVID19 was the primary cause. There have been people killed by gunshots or traffic accidents that were marked as COVID19. Hospitals in the USA get paid more for listing deaths as COVID19.

  2. Israel,
    That’s why every erliche medical professional I know, is warning to be careful…
    This virus is like nothing we have ever seen. In my immediate block there were three people that sat shiva. The satan wants us to ignore messages from Hashem. Please listen to Rav Elya Ber’s recent shmooz in Lakewood, and
    please don’t sound like you’re in tenth grade.


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