Postage Prices To Drop For First Time In Nearly A Century

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If you’re planning on mailing a check to settle your tax bill this year, be sure not to overpay in postage.

For the first time in nearly a century, the cost of postage is going down, FORBES reports.

The price decrease is expected to occur on April 10, 2016 – about a week before Tax Day. (Tax Day is April 18 this year.)

Expected? That doesn’t sound terribly certain, right? That’s because the U.S. Postal Service is still hoping that might change. When postage recently went up a few cents in order to reverse a slide in revenues, it was supposed to be a temporary increase. The boost was intended to be reversed when the Postal Service collected $4.6 billion in surcharges. That benchmark is expected to happen on April 10, 2016.




Read more at FORBES.



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