Postal Chief DeJoy: Trump Meddling Claim ‘Outrageous’

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U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy said there’s been no attempt by President Donald Trump or his administration to interfere with Postal Service operations in order to thwart voting by mail, as he defended his management of the agency.

DeJoy called allegations that cutbacks at the post office are aimed at having an impact on the November election an “outrageous claim.” He said he’s voted by mail for years and that everyone should be able to do so.

“The American people can feel comfortable that the Postal Service will deliver on this election,” DeJoy said Friday at a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing.

The Postal Service is at the center of political clash between Democrats and Trump over voting and the integrity of the November election. Trump, who is trailing Democrat Joe Biden in pre-election polls, has repeatedly decried the increase in voting by mail and claimed, without evidence, that it’s ripe for fraud.

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  1. every day a new HOAX is dreamed up by the DemocRATS only to bash Trump. now that the posmaster general refuted their HOAX, what’s coming next?


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