Powerball: Being Polite Better Than Being Rich


powerballWe all can be uplifted by one woman’s true happiness for someone else being rich and the valuable lesson she was able to show her daughter by being polite to someone else. One can’t put a value to being there for others and being an example for our children. The value is infinite – even more than a $590 million lottery.

The story:

ZEPHYRHILLS, Florida – New details are emerging about the day Gloria Mackenzie bought the winning $590 million Powerball ticket at a Zephyrhills Publix on May 18.

While the 84-year-old winner opted not to speak during a press conference in Tallahassee on Wednesday, she did tell lottery officials that a woman let her skip the line the day she purchased the ticket.

“I was with my younger daughter and I wasn’t paying attention and she was like ‘Mommy, there’s a woman getting in front of us’ and I said, ‘Let her go, it’s fine,” said Mindy Crandell, the woman who said she was the person who let Mackenzie jump ahead.

But does Crandell regret letting Mackenzie jump ahead of her in line that day?

“I’m not upset. I mean, if it was meant to be for us … maybe there’s something down the road or she needed it more than we did. Whatever it was, it was meant to be that she had it,” she said.

Crandell told us she was being polite when she let Mackenzie cut in line and does not regret it, especially since it taught her daughter, Molly, a valuable lesson.

“That being polite is better than being rich,” said Molly Crandell.

Source: WTSP

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  1. If you have real emunah, you recognize that the old woman was supposed to win, no matter when she got her ticket.


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