Powerful Photo: Grandfather Shares An Embrace With His Grandson In The Charedi Givati Tomer Unit


(Photo: Yehiel Gurfein via BELAAZ)



  1. Shmata head, you just don’t get it. In Israel, the chareidim view the army as a place that tries to make its soldiers chiloni. This grandfather loves his grandchild that he is hugging him even though he is going against the chareidi philosophy.

  2. He’s trying to bring him back to Torah and mitzvos and hopes embracing him, even in a place of tumah, will help.

  3. Nebach. The grandfather must be totally heartbroken over his grandsons entering the army. If we don’t put a stop to this Nachal Chareidi phenomenon, it will mean the end of chareidi society as we know it.


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