President Bush Rips ‘Brutal Invasion of Iraq—I Mean of Ukraine’

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While speaking this week during an event at his presidential library in Dallas, former President George W. Bush made an awe-inducing verbal flub, turning the monumentally disastrous and deadly war he oversaw into an awkward punch line. While condemning Russian President Vladimir Putin, Bush lamented “an absence of checks and balances in Russia, and the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq,” before quickly shaking his head and correcting himself: “I mean, of Ukraine.” He then appeared to mutter “Iraq, too—anyway” in a jokey manner, eliciting laughter from his audience.

“I’m 75,” he added to further chuckles.

Read more at Dallas Morning News.


  1. Another one just to keep his name alive until the movie will end. He and his wife were cv’d a few years ago.

    • The Bush crime family made millions in oil futures on 9/11. Why did they allow a planeload of undocumented Saudis to leave this country on 9/12 when all flights were grounded?

      • That’s because whatever actually happened is not what the media reports. About time you realize it in every single political report. CGI played a big role on 9//1. The BBC reported it 20 minutes before it happened which proves it was all pre-planned.

  2. Many have decried the hypocrisy of the America’s invasion of Iraq and our condemnation of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
    In fact, all evidence suggests that our invasion of Iraq was FAR, FAR worse than Russia’s invasion and that our violence toward citizens has been much worse.

  3. Bush couldn’t have said it before he was cv’d because there was no Ukraine invasion then. It’s the actor playing his part who purposely mistakenly said it to wake up the sheeple to some of the crimes the Bushes committed.


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