President Mitt Romney? One Year Later, Americans Would Give Him A 4-Point Victory Over Barack Obama

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mitt-romneyIf the 2012 presidential election were held today, the White House would have a different occupant: Mitt Romney. That’s according to a Washington Post/ABC News poll released Tuesday.

Americans sided with the former Massachusetts governor by a 49-45 margin, a reversal of the four-point edge, 51-47, that Obama won at the polls last year.

The numbers appear less and less surprising every day: On Wednesday a CBS News poll found that Obama’s approval rating is at an all-time low of 37 per cent as his signature health insurance overhaul program slams against the political rocks.
The Post/ABC poll of registered voters also showed Obama steadily losing traction among key demographic groups, including the young, the poor and the undereducated.

He’s on the losing end of a 10-point swing among women, dropping his 11-point edge to just one in a hypothetical Romney rematch.
His lead among 18-39 year-old voters has dwindled from 18 per cent to just 2 per cent, and a 22-point landslide in 2012 among voters earning less than $50,000 has slimmed down to just three.

Obama’s four-point victory among voters who hadn’t earned a college degree mirrored his overall winning margin. But now that gruop would favor Romney by 9 per cent.

Perhaps worst of all, 20 per cent of voters who describe themselves as ‘liberals’ told pollsters that they would vote for Romney if they had to choose today.

The Washington Post notes that if Romney’s sudden four-point edge overall were applied evenly across all 50 states, he would win a landslide victory, 331-207, in the electoral college, where it counts most.

Obama won last year by a 332-206 score.
Romney told CBS News on Sunday that he had no intention of testing the presidential waters in 2016. ‘We are not doing that again,’ he said, seated next to his wife Ann.

She reached over and insisted that he shake his head side-to-side to indicate ‘no.’

The Washington Post/ABC poll was conducted Nov. 14-17 and sampled 1,006 adults. The margin of error is +/- 3.5 percentage points.


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  1. Good Morning America. I would have loved to see Romney in Obama’s place, for the simple reason that I know that Romney is an American citizen, born in this country, and not a brother of the Muslims.
    this county is in BAD shape. From the top down.

  2. This is a non news item
    I’m sure that fictional 4 point lead is within the margin if error of the poll and so it’s meaningless

  3. If left wingers, like Karl Rove, wouldn’t of thrown real conservatives, like Rick Santorum under the bus, we wouldn’t have Obama in the WH destroying our Country bit by bit!

  4. Wake up america.

    Seeing is believing meaning AMERICANS wanted to test Obama again

    … why???
    America is in bad shape from the bottom upwards…

  5. Who cares about this data? We are still stuck with The Dictator until January 2017.

    However, what IS important is that we see his numbers fall below 30%, the slow and gradual natural disintegration and decomposition of ObamaCare, and the GOP wresting control of the United States Senate next year.

    Then we will see what additional types of naked power grabs this disgraceful White House lawbreaker will try to perpetrate against us.


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