President Rivlin On Sweden Stabbing: European Jews Are In Danger

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President Reuven Rivlin says the stabbing of a Jewish woman in Sweden shows need to combat anti-Semitism.

“Once again, Jews in Europe are in danger. Today’s brutal stabbing of a woman in Helsingborg, Sweden reminds us that we cannot rely on fading memories of the Holocaust to keep today’s Jewish communities safe,” he says.

“We will combat anti-Semitism until it is eliminated and we will not stay silent in the face of such events.”

Swedish authorities have indicate that the attacker today was a Muslim man. The victim remains in critical condition after stabbed several times and left for dead.

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. Please use correct grammar “Israeli president Rivlin”, when you say the word President in this country it should refer to the president of the USA. He is NOT our president.
    All Rivlin does by trying to claim that all Yidden around the world are in danger only helps to further antagonize the Europeans, and is the same thing the Anti Torah people have been doing since the days of Hitler. And as far as i know right now רחמנה ליצלן the most dangerous country for Yidden בגשמיות וברוניות in the worls is the StATE oF ISRAEL. So it would be very nice if someone could get him to stop issuing these silly statements that only serve to incite the גוים against us.

  2. Rivlin is a good example why the anti-Semitism. The Goyim DESPISE that Jews mimic them. Had Israel been a Jewish country the way the Torah demands it, there’d be less anti-Semitism, more respect worldwide and even the Arabs would respect them.


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