President Rivlin Rejects Azaria’s Appeal

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President Reuven Rivlin decided on Sunday to reject Chevron shooter Elor Azaria’s request for a pardon.

Rivlin’s office released a statement on the matter: “The president has taken into account the offenses you committed and their circumstances… and he has decided to reject the request.” Read more at JPOST.




  1. Why is Israel wasting money on a President? What does he do? What do these Presidents accomplish? It’s not as if he’s the Prime Minister of the country. He’s nothing but a waste of money.

      • You’re probably right. Seriously, the Prime Minister is the puppet of the self-appointed judges who run the country. So what is the role of the President?

      • not so true. The president is a real waste of money. The chavrei knesset ; even if they dont accomplish they still are working and pushing their agendas…

  2. If I was him, i would finish the term without remorse and hold my head up high that i did nothing wrong. Self respect is worth more than anything! He will come out as a hero !!!!

    • Easier said than done. He now has charges and sentences attached to his name for the rest of his life. he probably wont even be able to enter foreign countries cus of that.


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