President Rivlin Visits Combat Soldier Wounded Last Night In Jenin


President Reuven Rivlin today travelled to the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, to visit the Special Anti-Terror Unit soldier who was seriously injured during operations by the security forces last night. The President spoke with the commanding officer, and with members of the wounded soldier’s team and met his family.

The President said, “Immediately after we received the news about the operation and understood that we had casualties, we came to visit the wounded. We have met today a wonderful young man who is now undergoing surgery, because when his life was in imminent danger, his friends in the field and the doctors worked to ensure that despite his severe injuries he is stable, and with God’s help will have a full and speedy recovery. We have met today his indescribably wonderful family.”

He added, “I spoke with his wife who said that he was supposed to take a night’s leave, and of course even though he was meant to be on vacation he did not think for a moment to leave the unit.

“We came to thank the Police, the Border Police, all those units that train our soldiers. We will continue to tell anyone who wishes to harm us – we will reach you anywhere. This is not just words. Anyone who wants to raise a hand against an Israeli citizen because they are an Israeli citizen, we will find them.

“We are also grateful to our hospitals, who treat our wounded with love and devotion.”

The medical team told the President that the treatment he had received on the ground was impressive and that due to a quick evacuation and good initial treatment, the soldier was in an operating room and was completely stable.

The family expressed their thanks to the medical staff and the unit of the injured soldier for their dedication and professionalism.

The President was accompanied on the visit by deputy director of the hospital Dr. Avi Weissman, Border Police Commander Kobi Shabtai and Israel Police Commissioner Zohar Dvir.

Amos Ben Gershom (GPO)



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