President Trump Fuming After Seeing Melania’s Air Force One Television Tuned To CNN

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President Trump reportedly lashed out at aides after seeing first lady Melania Trump’s television broadcasting CNN on Air Force One.

An internal email obtained by The New York Times said that the president caused “a bit of a stir” on the aircraft because the television was tuned into the network he continuously blasts as “fake news.”

Officials said in the email that they would turn the televisions to Fox News for future flights, according to the Times.


Read more at The Hill.



  1. Have we lost our sanity. Mr. Trunpnwants his own personal wealth to be a smaller day. He buys razors and beard removal.

    I am an angry American. His wealth should be more. He has hate for the best images of republicans. Lincoln and Garfield served the public. They accepted a dignity for all. Good men.

    Mr. Trump makes me sick. He cries he will make America great. Lincoln did. Why look different?

    Why should I need more captivity every day he boasts. Face us like a republican. All the years see better men who never waste a cent on a gay look.

    Never think Trump is our best. His gold is all that built him.

    Grow banter Israel. We still can not believe he is frank and worth. Cheap buys.

    Bring me an era like the second half of the 19th century in man and I will agree we are bright. The money of any future is always greater. Just not the look of man.

    Bibles read. We never change the Tanakh. Why not grant us futures within.

    Trumps prerogative. Lincoln shudder not. You are yet second.

    Bridal goats.

  2. To “theta chi” I can’t believe you are American! I was sure you were using some sort of translating app always which is why your posts are a frustrating but due their consistency also humourous pile gibberish

  3. As he did before with the people of the white house staff he should throw out this tv from the president’s airplane

  4. I think this is simply a shalom bayis issue. She likes one channel and the Donald likes a different one. Nu nu, nothing to fret about. Better than the old, “do we squeeze the toothpaste from the middle”?


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