President Trump Tests New Nickname For Rival Joe Biden


Donald Trump sat down with Tucker Carlson in South Korea over the weekend, where he addressed his administration’s ongoing trade war with China and touted progress made with Chinese president Xi Jinping at the G20 summit in Japan.

As he’s been doing for years, Trump also took time to slam the Obama administration’s trade policies with China, and at the same time, he may have debuted a new nickname for his possible 2020 opponent, former vice president Joe Biden.

“Look, China has been beating us badly for many years,” Trump said. “President Obama did nothing, meaning ‘Obiden.’ I don’t really think I need to say that anymore. They did nothing.”

Read more at Yahoo News.



  1. Bad idea.

    We know Trump doesn’t care about mechana shem l’chavorey.

    Even so associating Biden with Obama would probably work in his favor not detriment

  2. Is this New Joe Biden a Trump patriot’s installment to control the chaos or a Deep State installment to fool the sheeple?


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