Video: Presidential Seal Falls Off Podium as Obama Speaks


obama[Video below.] The presidential seal fell off President Barack Obama’s podium and clattered to the stage as Obama delivered a speech to a women’s conference. The president was joking with the audience and¬†getting some¬†laughs when he realized what happened. “All of you know who I am,” he quipped.

Obama told the audience that somebody in the back was really nervous, referring to the staffer who hung the seal on the front of the lectern so precariously.

The seal fell about halfway through the president’s remarks to Fortune magazine’s “Most Powerful Women Summit” Tuesday at Carnegie Mellon Auditorium in Washington.

Click below to watch:

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  1. the seal fell all the way down. now watch as Obama goes all the way down… from politics to peace etc… watch as he continues going down until he reaches the bottom…

  2. Obama said, it had already started being loose and falling during G.W. Bush.
    His own policies prevented it from falling even lower.


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