Press Conference Held to Protest NY Post’s Outrageous Cover Report

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  1. #1 I imagine a full boycott may cost them the sale of a few dozen copies, if that many. But we can and should express outrage to their advertisers.

  2. We don’t buy their paper that we can boycott them. We have to boycott their advertisers. We have to contact their advertisers and tell them if they continue to support the NY Post they are agreeing with their article. We will not support such companies. We will not patronize any company or store that advertises with them. You would be surprised on how fast they will take action.
    Someone please post a list of stores and companies that advertise in the NY Post and we will start our boycott with THEM!
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  3. @AS To say that “No one should have been reading it in the first place” is cold and completely missing the point. This is all besides for the fact that very few people actually saw this in the newspaper rather they read it onlne like myself.

  4. NY Post should’ve been banned anyways such a low class paper. Look how they put down the story without even talking to the people that really knew how special and wonderful he was. We hope the murderers get caught soon

  5. To #3:
    The point isn’t that we yiden want to read this paper – we aren’t. The point is that others who do read this paper get the impression that, hey, our Jewish landlord does deserve to have something terrible done to him, look how he’s treating us, it’s time for us to do something as well…


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