Press Secretary Huckabee Sanders Thrown Out Of Restaurant By Anti Trump Owner

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White House press secretary Sarah Sanders was kicked out of a restaurant on Friday night because she works for President Donald Trump.

A co-owner of the Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia, asked Ms Sanders and her family to leave as a protest against the Trump administration. According to the restaurant owner, Sanders was cordial about the ordeal, agreeing to leave without protest.

Sanders later tweeted that “her actions say far more about her than about me”.


Reviews from the restaurant’s Facebook page show a mixture of opinions over the Press secretary’s treatment.

One negative review of the restaurant online read: “I was dining at the Red Hen and witnessed them rudely refuse service to Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I was disgusted and appalled by the incident. I will never eat at this establishment again.”

“Terrible ownership and management: bigoted and prejudiced,” wrote another reviewer.

But many of other users supported the decision. One wrote: “Love this place. Morally superior and the food must be delicious…”

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  1. Hmm fascinating, you can’t deny service based on toeiva affiliation, but it’s OK based on your dislike of someone’s 1st amendment protected political speech. Where’s toeiva right in the constitution again? Besides, “liberals” are the most anti-liberal ones in contemporary political discourse.

  2. Just curious to know y they can do this but if you refus to serve the toeiva community u get blasted just saying….

  3. Now of course if this was Obama’s PS Josh Earnest, that this happened to, the world would of come to an end as we know it. The restaurant owner would of faced death threats. He would of been boycotted and be forced to close down. He would of had to go on an endless apology tour lecturing the Nation on the ills of racism. But alas, even though this was done to a female, it’s an evil white racist Republican, so everything is cool. Good, we taught an evil white Trump employee a lesson.

  4. This is the legacy that Obama left behind. The only option with these liberals American haters, is boycotting. Hopefully this restaurant owner will feel it in his pocket.


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