Priebus on Trump: ‘He’s trying’

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Reince Priebus, the head of the Republican National Committee, thinks everyone just needs to chill out. He sat down with POLITICO’s Mike Allen on Friday morning and delivered a downright mellow account of the numerous challenges before him and expressed confidence that Republican Party will be able to heal and unify.

He said that it is “highly, highly doubtful” that someone other than Trump will be the GOP’s nominee, while acknowledging that anything’s possible this election cycle.

“My view is just relax and be gracious and I’ll talk to Paul [Ryan] and we’ll try to work on this,” Priebus said he told Trump.

Priebus also said Trump’s latest stunt — a tweeted picture of him gleefully about to tuck into a taco bowl while stating “I love Hispanics!” — wasn’t a big deal. “He’s trying,” Priebus said. Read more at POLITICO.




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