Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Son Wins Bible Contest

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netanyahu2Avner Netanyahu, 15-year-old son of Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife, has won the Yerushalayim Bible Quiz in the Yerushalayim Public School District. He will represent the district in the national Bible Quiz, to be held later this year.Avner, the younger of the Netanyahus’ two sons, outscored 50 opponents in the final round, scoring 98 out of 100 points. The quiz was held this afternoon in the auditorium of the Bible Lands Museum in Givat Ram, Yerushalayim .

Binyamin and Sarah Netanyahu were on hand to cheer their son, as was Avner’s brother Ya’ir. Avner’s friends and classmates from the Hebrew University High School, joined in the audience by their homeroom teacher and principal, held signs and actively cheered him on. Prime Minister Netanyahu said in an interview nearly a year ago that he often reads the Torah together with his son.

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{Arutz Shevah/Yair Israel}


  1. Why the negativity? He’s obviously a bright boy who has spent time reading Torah. I don’t know how hard the questions were but I bet he would outscore a lot of our kids learning in Yeshivah.

  2. #2, That’s a strange comment. To think he would “outscore” Yeshiva kids is beyond la-la land.

    However, it is nice that this young man studies Torah with his father, and that he has pride in his achievement of knowledge.

  3. Unfortunately, if you learn Torah as an interesting history book or a basis for national pride, you might amass a lot of “knowledge” whilst missing the point. In some ways it is worse than those who dont learn it, for the ones who learn it like that, feel they know it..the ones who are taught it with the right “outlook” for the first time, have a greater chance at success.

  4. I should have said that, of course, his daughter is religious as well. He has one other son in the army at the moment.

    By the way, #3, it’s pretty obvious he’d outscore most yeshiva boys. Tanach, sadly, is not taught in most yeshivot. This would also be a good point to #5- try finding him a (charedi) place where he could learn it the “correct” way, if there is such a thing. (There are certainly *incorrect* ways, but no one correct way.)


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