Prince Charles Wears Unique Yarmulka to UK Chief Rabbi’s Induction Ceremony

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prince-charlesBritain’s Prince Charles celebrated the official induction of the UK’s new chief rabbi, Ephraim Mervis, Sunday by wearing a personalized yarmulka bearing his official crest.

The Prince of Wales -who was the ceremony’s guest of honor- is the first member of the royal family to attend an installation of a chief rabbi, and he did so in style, with his blue velvet ceremonial skullcap adorned with the Prince of Wales’ feathers.

During his induction speech, Mervis addressed the Prince’s presence directly, saying, “It is not just an honor for me personally, but an honor for our entire community. It is a reflection for the passion you have to work with the faith communities in this country.”

The royal Kippah has made appearances in the past at various other Jewish related events and ceremonies.

Mervis replaced outgoing chief rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, who served in the position for twenty two years.

Source: The Algemeiner Journal

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  1. i find this fascinating especially before rosh hashanah
    look this is probably one of the onlymeluchas in the world. this man is like a melech. and hes wearing a kippah

  2. Rabbi Sacks earned the world’s respect with his novel “Tikun Olam” approach.In his words “Judaism is not for Jews alone.”
    Kol HaKavod, this is the way to go!

  3. The yarmulka is said to be blue (in other photos I’ve seen it is indeed a dark blue) yet in this photo it appears black. Was it photoshopped to make the prince look frummer?

  4. Please wear the Malchioys yarmulke during the

    Malchiyos part of the Rosh Hasshana Musaf in

    both the silent amida and the chazan’s

    recital of the shemona esray.

  5. even this king or whatever he is had the decency to wear a yarmulka to show respect to the new rabbi yet bibi netanyahu didnt he met the two new chief rabbis without a yarmulka i just cant get over it


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