Private Security Service to Operate in Bnei Brak on Shabbos Nights

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bnei-brakAfter endless talk and no action, a private security force is set to begin patrolling Bnei Brak on Shabbos nights. The local residents have been living in dread of criminal elements operating on Shabbos, breaking into dozens of apartments and private businesses and taking advantage of the resident’s Shabbos observance, but now neighborhood representatives have decided to put a stop to the thieving and hooliganism.

Following a bold initiative launched by local activists and backed by the city’s rabbonim, starting this Shabbos a “Neighborhood Security” patrol will monitor all suspicious activities involving vandalism and other violations of private property by fringe youths.

The patrol will be operated by Shomrei Yisrael, which is part of the Moked 101 Group, a veteran company in the Gush Dan area, operating intensively with vehicle patrols by non-Jews, keeping watch over suspicious activities in full coordination with the company’s emergency security system, which works closely with police forces.

The welcome endeavor follows concerted efforts by activists and neighborhood representatives working with the city’s leaders to bring a quick solution to the troublesome circumstances local residents have been compelled to cope with recently.

After consulting with halachic figures and gaining the support of local donors, activists met with the heads of Moked 101 to build an innovative security arrangement that meets halachic exigencies that reflect pikuach nefesh and threats of danger.

{A. Cohen-Deiah Vedibur/ Newscenter}


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