Pro-Israel Ads In Vancouver Depict Jewish Loss Of Land, Israeli-Canadian Shared Values

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pro-israel-education-groups-standwithus( The pro-Israel education groups StandWithUs has responded to anti-Israel advertising on Vancouver’s public transit system with new ads stressing both the Jewish loss of land from biblical times to the present and Israeli-Canadian shared values.
Posters sponsored by the Palestine Awareness Coalition on Vancouver’s TransLink trains and buses depict Israeli land as a “disappearing Palestine.”

StandWithUs responded with 10 posters in the Translink system that will be up until Nov. 14. One set of ads juxtaposes a map of the ancient Jewish kingdom before 1,000 BCE, a map of the land designated as the Jewish homeland by the League of Nations in 1920, and a map of the smaller current state of Israel. The other set features Israeli and Canadian children waving their national flags.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. while i applaud there novel ad campaign (and i thinks its great)
    these barely jewish Jews need to know that while STILL in Exile there is more to fight for then the Land
    sadly they do not support Jewish values like Shabbos or Yom-Tov

    and under their ethos its ok to desecrate Sh & Y-T IF IT IS WHITE PROMOTING israel


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