Pro-Israel Harper Faces Drubbing As Canada Heads Toward Vote

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stephen harperCanada’s leftist New Democrats took a giant leap ahead of rivals in an election campaign, according to polls published Friday, which predict a thumping for staunchly pro-Israel prime minister Stephen Harper and his bid for a fourth Tory government.

Thomas Mulcair’s New Democrats have the support of 33 percent of Canadians surveyed, according to an Ipsos poll, the same figure as a previous poll on August 11.

Backing for Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, meanwhile, has plummeted to 29%, while the Liberals led by Justin Trudeau, the son of late prime minister Pierre Trudeau, moved up to second spot with 30 percent support.

The Poll sampled 1,000 vote-eligible Canadian between August 24-26.

An EKOS poll that quizzed 3,524 Canadians between August 19-25 showed similar results with the NDP scoring 33.6% of the public support, the Conservatives 28.1%, and the Liberals in third place with 26.7%, iPolitics reported.

In the 2011 election, the Conservatives scored 39.6% of the vote, the NDP 30.6%, and the Liberals 18.9%.

According to Ipsos, only 29% of those polled agreed that the “Harper government has done a good job and deserves re-election” while 71% believe it is “time for another federal party to take over.”

Earlier polling had the three parties neck and neck coming out of the gate after Harper called for new elections in early August. Voting is slated for October 19.

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  1. I hope Harper wins. He’s shown the world’s leaders how to lead. He’s been a true friend of Israel and of the Jewish people. He really deserves to win.

  2. As Jews, we owe a debt of gratitude to Prime Minister Harper for his strong, reliable, full-throated support of Israel on the international stage.

  3. The Canadians better remember that their entire economy is dependent on OIL Sands.A very shaky foundation . They had mazel because they helped the Jews. Their freind Obama Is keeping them from transporting their oil through US pipelines.


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