Professor Gershon Ben-Shachar to Present Crucial Testimony in Japan in Appeal for Yaakov Yosef


japan-boysTonight/tomorrow is a crucial day for Yaakov Yosef, one of the three boys in Japan who was sentenced on March 24 to six years in prison. His lawyers are appealing his sentence at this time.

Professor Gershon Ben-Shachar, the world’s leading expert in polygraph research, a sub-study of neuro-sciences and psychology, will personally appear in court to testify tomorrow, Wednesday, January 26.

Ms. Reiko Suzuki, the woman who had administered the polygraph test to all three boys and had argued that the results of such testing are not necessarily accurate, will appear in one month to respond to Professor Ben-Shachar’s presentation. Although the delay of another whole month is regrettable, it is unavoidable due to the fact that the prosecution requested that they be given that amount of time to prepare. Professor Ben-Shachar will then be given the opportunity to refute Ms. Suzuki’s testimony by written submission approximately two weeks later, with a possible rebuttal by Ms. Suzuki and a rebuttal by Professor Ben-Shachar to follow. All opinions and counter-opinions must be concluded by the end of March, with a verdict expected in April.

Because of the crucial nature of Professor Gershon Ben-Shachar’s testimony tomorrow, all are asked to daven for Yaakov Yosef ben Raizel and learn Torah in his zechus.




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