Professor Joe: Biden to Teach at University of Pennsylvania

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Former Vice President Joe Biden will be a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, the school announced Tuesday. Biden has been named the Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice professor and will reportedly lead the university’s new Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement.

The center will be based in Washington, D.C., but Biden will reportedly also have an office at the university’s home campus in Philadelphia. Read more at BUSINESS INSIDER.


  1. Feh!

    What will he do, give classes on changing ancient law to promoting toeivah?

    Joe is an oysvorf!

    היפך מיוסף הצדיק להבדיל אלפי אלף הבדלות

  2. So Joe is teaching. An honored career. His worth is great. A real human being. The above comments should take a lesson. It would be a great honor to take a class with Joe. He is the best.

    How good of the University of Pennsylvania. Liberty will be given friendly advice.

    Really neat.


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