Professor Keeps Job After ‘Disgraceful’ Barbara Bush Tweets   

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The controversial Cal State Fresno professor who sparked a free-speech debate after mocking the death of former first lady Barbara Bush will keep her job and avoid any disciplinary action despite school officials calling her comments “disgraceful.”
Randa Jarrar provoked widespread anger when she called Bush, wife of President George H.W. Bush and mother of President George W. Bush, an “amazing racist who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal.”
In a letter posted on Twitter, Cal State Fresno President Joseph Castro condemned Jarrar’s comments as “disgraceful” and “an embarrassment to the university,” but said they weren’t in violation of school policies. The letter noted Jarrar was acting as a private citizen when she posted the comments online and that her comments were protected under the First Amendment. “Therefore, the university does not have justification to support taking any disciplinary action,” wrote Castro. Read more.


  1. As they keep on mentioning that professors name she keeps on getting more and more of 15 minutes of fame, so now everyone wants to know who she is and I bet she can now get any job in any major university for more money because she is so famous now. So keep on reporting it and keep mentioning who she is and the more money she will be making besides TV appearances will be able to chose her university where she wants to work at. Good job you are all falling into her game.

  2. She knowingly gave a false telephone number that tied up a suicide prevention hot line which prevented people who needed it from getting through. For that alone the university has every right and obligation to fire her.

  3. Hillary Clinton already taught us, there are 2 sets of rules. One for us, the ruling class elites and one for the rest of the low class sheeple. Democrats are allowed to make racist comments and are awarded for it. Republicans who do the same, must be executed on the spot and have the rest of their extended family arrested and thrown in re-education internment camps.

  4. An attention-seeking behaima lifts her bovine head and moos forth an odious comment. Any minute the civilized world spends responding to that obnoxious troll is a minute that could have been spent more constructively.

  5. this person shouldn’t be fired. even if what she did publically is inappropriate if she was fired then any teacher who someone disagrees with is a potential target!

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